This is my 2019 — Recap

Athens — 2019
Watch it on YouTube


  • I have 4000 followers on Twitter
  • I finished the 2nd course about d3.js which was created for PacktPub
  • I visited Athens (due to my masters)
Athens, Greece — January 2019


  • My 2nd course for PacktPub is being published😊
  • My contract with PacktPub is getting renewed. So I was asked to work on the 3rd course about D3.js!
  • I visited Athens once again
  • I was contacted to write an article for rosadigitaleweek. This article was about women in tech and I’m really glad I wrote it 🙆


  • I got accepted to speak at PyConfWeb in Munich, German
  • I finished the 3rd course for PacktPub
  • I reached 1200 subscribers on YouTube
At PyConfWeb — 2019


  • I visited Athens for the 3rd time this year
  • I started the dailyUI challenge (you can find the articles I wrote about it on my Medium’s profile). Note: If you plan to take this challenge please read this article first.
The 100th project on DailyUI — Tutorial
  • I’ m publishing the 3rd course about D3.js for PacktPub
  • I’m giving a talk, remotely, at International’s women day at Warri, Nigeria!
  • My colleagues from Germany came. We held our meetings in a Villa🤓
  • A greek magazine published a paper a colleague and I had written/presented in a conference the previous year
Remote Talk —April 2019


  • I’m going to Munich, Germany
Munich, Germany — May 2019
  • And I’m giving a talk at PyWebCon, the talk is about D3.js and the great things you can build using it!
  • But I also stopped for a few weeks to do everything, I stopped youtube, tweeting, gym, etc as it was time to focus on my studies…
Work and study — May 2019


  • The company I work for had a yearly-event and we decided to go for rafting!!
  • After that, we also celebrated the 5 years my company is developing (the party was amazing!!)
  • I also went to Poland (Warsaw and Krakow)
My experience in Poland — June 2019
  • And I spoke at the AppforumEvent organized by Zebra
  • I attended the DevIT conference in Thessaloniki, Greece
  • I had my final exams for my masters and I went to Athens. I was very nervous… (watch the experience below)
  • But, thankfully I passed the exams and I was so happy
Athens for exams — June 2019


  • I’m recording a podcast with Ben and Karmes from CodeCareers [find it here]
  • I’m recording another podcast with Abbey from FreeCodeCamp [find it here]
  • And I’m having an interview with Karl for his youtube channel, watch it here
  • Also, my Youtube channel reached 1600 subscribers
Karl’s channel — July 2019


  • Well, I don’t have a lot to mention about this month… My only goal was → Vacations!
Goal achieved — August 2019, Skiathos


  • We held another work event, we went to an entertainment park (called magic park) and we had a lot of fun!
  • My colleagues from German came again, and we had our meetings in a lovely villa next to a pool (they are coming twice a year)
  • I finally have 6000 followers on twitter
I also worked a lot with my channel!


  • I started the 2nd year of my master’s, this time as a full-time student!
  • I’ m going for the 1st time in Riga, Latvia as I’m a speaker at the DevOps Unicorns conference
My experience in Riga, Latvia — October 2019
  • I’m going for the 2nd time this year in Munich, Germany as I’m a speaker at the CFCamp conference.
My experience in Munich, Germany — October 2019


  • I submitted the first set of projects for my masters (1/5), and my scores were 7/10 and 10/10!
  • I gave, in my company, a talk about UX/UI
UX is not UI — MKI Hellas, November 2019
  • I’ m going for the 1st time in Cape Town, South Africa as I’m a speaker at the Let’s Test conference
  • I reached 1900 subscribers on YouTube
My experience in Cape Town, South Africa— November 2019


  • I submitted the second set of projects for my masters (2/5), and my scores were 8.5/10 and 8.5/10!
  • I’m going to Poland, for the second time, as I’m a speaker at ConFrontJS
  • I reached 2000 subscribers on Youtube
My experience in ConFrontJS in Warsaw, Poland — December2019

That’s it from me!!




Hi, I’m a community manager and an app developer/UX researcher by passion. I love learning, teaching and sharing. My passions are tech, UX, arts & working out.

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Eleftheria Batsou

Eleftheria Batsou

Hi, I’m a community manager and an app developer/UX researcher by passion. I love learning, teaching and sharing. My passions are tech, UX, arts & working out.

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