I’m Learning Kotlin By Creating Apps — This is my journey so far. [Part 2]

5. Task Timer App

Task Timer App
  • SQL databases and tables, I learned the basics actions like add/edit/delete plus a few more basic things…
  • Fragments (swapping fragments, multi-pane fragments), and wow, fragments are so important in Kotlin! I had no idea!!
  • Activity and Fragment lifecycle
  • ViewModel, Singleton class, ContentProvider, UriMatcher, Mime Types, Extension functions, Shared preferences, Image Asset Studio
  • Multiple layouts and different layouts for different APIs
  • Dialogs and dialog callbacks, Seekbars
  • Versioning and build.gradle, supporting older versions
  • Fixing warnings and bugs



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Eleftheria Batsou

Eleftheria Batsou

Hi, I’m a community manager and an app developer/UX researcher by passion. I love learning, teaching and sharing. My passions are tech, UX, arts & working out.