Feel proud of yourself.

Positive responses — Feeling proud on Twitter

  • Yes, of course.
  • I feel proud about the small achievements.
  • For every small achievement I reach as a person, I feel proud of myself. I don’t wait for big achievements.
  • Of course, I am. I’m proud of who I’m becoming, all the experiences I’ve had and the progress I’m making every single day to become a better person.
  • Of course, if I didn’t then I would be doing something wrong and I would correct it.
  • Of course yes… When I look back, I can feel and proud myself that how much I learned and update in my life.
  • Sure, The pride comes from building and achieving from that momentum.
  • All-day every day, I wouldn’t change a thing. My experience has been awesome so far.
  • I’m proud of a lot, this year I started working a job that respects me, became a father, started truly understanding programming terminology, and have a web of people I’ve networked with that may not be much but it’s a start.
  • Proud of becoming a human being, proud of my parents who support me a lot, have a dream to achieve my goals.
  • Right now I do. I started learning HTML and CSS from complete zero and everyday I’m learning new things and excited about the journey. After last year, that I had to deal with depression, unemployment and destructive thoughts, now I feel like a new me.
  • Overall absolutely! Married an amazing woman, have a great job, I have hobbies and people that I love. I’d say overall that’s winning!
  • Always proud for myself.
  • When you’re working on a side project, I feel it’s hard to be proud of yourself. A small tip is to buy a calendar and write each day what you did for your project. When you feel down, you can read what you did the past weeks and feel proud of yourself!
  • Every single day but obviously I have bad days Face with tears of joy
  • Recently a lot!
  • Yes, with my faith in God only
  • Yes, I do feel proud of myself. I feel proud because of my f**king loyalty, honesty, things I am doing everyday to achieve my goals and my supportive family and friends.
  • Yes, I do feel proud of myself just not because of my behavior in respect to others but the path which I had followed the path of Dharma which always make me think about others before thinking of my own self. I can’t be perfect because the sky is the limit and there is always room for improvement.



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Eleftheria Batsou

Eleftheria Batsou

Hi, I’m a community manager and an app developer/UX researcher by passion. I love learning, teaching and sharing. My passions are tech, UX, arts & working out.